Fashion Meets Mackinac Island in Remastered Panoramic from 1906

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Fashion Meets Art -Petoskey (MI) Where The Sun Shines Through The Clouds

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Petoskey Michigan Hoodie v1


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Uniquely Detroit Vernors Attire

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vernors shirt 2 Vernors shirtThe art of Vernors from a public wall so many decades ago

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Remastered Historic Panoramics of Detroit

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1906 - Detroit Waterfront panoramic 1 of 3 left v1 1906 - Detroit Waterfront panoramic 2 of 3  middle  v1 1906 - Detroit Waterfront panoramic 3 of 3  right  v1 1907 - Detroit Campus Martius in panoramic clearest v1 1910 - 1920 grand circus park panoramic  5 large (3)

Historic Steamers

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1900 - Excursion steamers in Detroit MI v1 1900 - Nightfall on St Clair flats MI v1 1900 - Passenger steamer at Mackinac Island v1 1900 - Steamer Britannia Detroit MI v2 1900 - Steamer Pleasure at Detroit Dock v1

det 4a07830u, 10/3/07, 10:51 AM,  8C, 6000x7496 (0+320), 100%, Custom, 1/100 s, R54.0, G40.2, B65.5

det 4a07830u, 10/3/07, 10:51 AM, 8C, 6000×7496 (0+320), 100%, Custom, 1/100 s, R54.0, G40.2, B65.5

1906 - A Lake Steamer in Petoskey v2 1906 - Day trip on Hudson v1 1906 - Steamer Britannia in Detroit v2 1906 - Steamer Tashmoo at St Clair flats v1 1912 - Owana at Toledo v1 1912 - Owana leaving for Detroit v2 1930 - City of Detroit III v2

Historic Cadillac Square in Detroit

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1881 - Cadillac Square with Kirkwood hotel v1 1890s - Central market building in Cadillac square 1895 - Cadillac Square at night v3 1896 - site of wayne county bldg  in Cadillac Square  v2 1900 -  North Side of Cadillac Square v2 1902 - Cadillac Square Detroit v3 1905  - Cadillac Square and Merrill fountain v1 1905 - Continental Hotel at 55 Cadillac Square v3 1910 - Cadillac Square and Bates v3a 1910 - Cadillac Square Businesses v4 1910 - Cadillac Square ground level v3 1918 - Cadillac Square Real Estate Exchange Building Detroit v1 1919 - Cadillac  Square Detroit v1 1920 - Barlum Hotel in Cadillac Square v1 1920 - Cadillac Square with Real Estate Exchange v1 1928 - Barlum Building on Cadillac Square and Ba tes v2 date - 43 Cadillac Square Detroit v1 date - Burns Hotel in Cadillac Square v2 date - Cadillac Square and Randolph Henkels grocers v1 date Cadillac Square schroeder paint and glass building1

Digital Traveler – Historic Ferndale Images

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1928 - Ferndale 9 mile and Woodward MI v51928 - Welcome to Ferndale Michigan v2

1920 - Ferndale with Gas station v2

AB Woodward’s Plan For Detroit

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Grand Circus Park aerial 1920 v3

Digital Traveler Fall 2014 Catalog On Etsy

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German American Bank est 1853

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German American Bank 1911


German American Bank (est 1853) Griswold in Detroit c1911.

From 2011 comment.
That Model T Ford is a rare 1911 "Torpedo Runabout" from about the middle of 1911. Early models had a square gas tank which was superseded by the round one on this car. Not all that popular when they were new, they are rarely seen and treasured by collectors today. Possibly the sportiest Model T made. Most 1911 Ts were painted a very dark, almost black, blue. It would not be until the 1914 Fords that you could get any color so long as it was black. Red, green, and grey were common in the very early Model Ts.

The First State Bank Building is a four-story, flat-roofed bank building with a steel frame faced with limestone. The building was designed by Albert Kahn and erected in 1924-25. First State Bank began life in 1871 as the "German American Bank" with offices on Larned; the bank moved at least twice more before building this structure

The main entrance of the building is surrounded with carved marble depicting urns, animals, and foliage. The building is located at the corner of Griswold and Lafayette Streets, and has decorative facades facing both streets. Each facade has three-story Ionic columns supporting the attic story, on the upper story, double-hung windows are grouped in pairs, separated by elaborate plaques. A parapet runs across the roofline

John S. Gray became a prominent Detroit businessman and ran or owned several firms in the city. As was common for businessman in that late Nineteenth Century era, he also performed civic service and was a member of the city’s library board. By the end of the Nineteenth Century, although a Scotsmen, he was president of the German-American Bank

John S. Gray’s nephew was Alexander Y. Malcomson, a Detroit coal dealer who had known Henry Ford for many years. I believe they had both worked at the Detroit Engine Works on Atwater Street.
would be successful in the vehicle business. By 1900, Henry Ford was running the Henry Ford Company but the bankers who invested in that firm were very unhappy with him. By 1902, those investors brought in Henry Leland to look over the business. Eventually the bankers forced Ford out of the company and then Leland created the Cadillac Motor Company from what had been Ford’s firm. In about 1902, Malcomson and Henry Ford formed a partnership to manufacturing cars. Lacking capital they had to buy component parts from suppliers, parts that Ford then assembled into cars. Very quickly Ford found himself owing a tremendous amount to the Dodge Brothers who supplied parts. He had no hope of paying those bills so the future of this firm looked bleak. Malcomson proposed that a corporation be created using $100,000 to be obtained from investors. It was not easy to find investors. Henry Ford did not have a great record as an entrepreneur. Malcomson convinced his uncle, John S. Gray, to put up $10,500 for a 10.5 percent share of the new Ford Motor Company. Gray agreed and, on July 16, 1903, legal papers were drawn up by Horace Rackham for the incorporation of the Ford Motor Company. This was accomplished in the offices of Malcomson’s coal firm then located where Hart Plaza is now located. A state of Michigan Historic Marker commemorates that site, not far from where Antoine Cadillac arrived two centuries previously. John S. Gray was elected president of the Ford Motor Company with Henry Ford serving as Vice-President.


McGraw Building 1908

From 2011 notes: On the left side of the building is Malcomson Coal. Alexander Y. Malcomson was the Coal King of Detroit and he was one of the few people who was crazy enough to back Henry Ford in 1902. After he had become successful, Ford eventually squeezed Malcomson out of the auto business – but it all started with coal money.